Singapore turbulence incident: 1 died and atleast 71 injured

Singapore Airlines flight from London: A Singapore turbulence incident occurred on Monday when a flight departing from London towards Singapore encountered severe turbulence about 90 minutes before reaching its destination.…

Nabaderp By Nabaderp 3 Min Read

YouTube Begins Cracking Down on Ad Blockers Globally

YouTube is Now Stopping the Free Service. If You Want to Watch Videos, You Will Have to Pay $14 Per Month Or ₹139 In Indian Currency.

Geek Looper By Geek Looper 8 Min Read
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been expanding with a rapid speed among many industries to automate processes. From fintech security to customer assistance, AI is transforming…
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Modern technology has become a total phenomenon for civilization, the defining force of a new social order in which efficiency is no longer an option…
Get the latest Gadget News: Progress in digital tech from data, robotics, 3D printing & AI is at the core of Sandvik. Read about how…

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Elon Musk may soon get Starlink License in India

The Indian government may soon give license to Elon Musk's company Starlink,…

By Geek Looper

Pune car accident case: Minor gets bail within 15 hours.

17-year-old Vedant Agarwal, who killed two people, is out on bail within…

By Nabaderp

Apple ‘Scary Fast’ just before Halloween: What to expect from the iMac and MacBook

Apple Event 2023 is returning to the event this time with the…

By Geek Looper

Iran President Ebrahim Raisi’s death: State mourning is to be observed on May 21st

Iran President Ebrahim Raisi's death: As mourning is being observed across the…

By Nabaderp

Pune Porsche crash: police are trying to dig inside their officials.

The latest Pune Porsche crash that occurred on May 19th, 2024, at…

By Nabaderp

Shah Rukh Khan has been admitted to a hospital in Ahmedabad. 

While attempting the IPL in Ahmedabad on Wednesday afternoon, May 21, when KKR won…

By Geek Looper

Car accident killed two people as a minor was driving a luxury car.

Two people were killed in a car accident in Pune. The police…

By Nabaderp

New Xbox Update Adds Keyboard Controls and More

Xbox is the biggest gaming console in the world which is loved…

By Geek Looper

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