YouTube Begins Cracking Down on Ad Blockers Globally

YouTube is Now Stopping the Free Service. If You Want to Watch Videos, You Will Have to Pay $14 Per Month Or ₹139 In Indian Currency.

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YouTube is the world’s largest video streaming platform. 3.7 million videos are uploaded to every day. Now YouTube has stopped providing free service, for which you will have to pay $14 in US dollars and ₹139 in Indian currency per month.

YouTube has made every effort to prevent the use of ad-blockers, add-ons, extensions, and programs. YouTube is banning every extension or app that blocks the viewing of ads. A spokesperson stated that “using ad blockers violates YouTube’s terms.” “We’ve launched a global effort to encourage ad-blocking enabled viewers to allow ads on YouTube or try Premium for an ad-free experience. Ads support a diverse ecosystem of creators globally and bring billions of people to YouTube. But allow you to access your favorite content.”

YouTube Ad-Blocker Pop-Pup

YouTube began banning the use of ad blockers at the beginning of the year. Initially, YouTube had shown a pop-up requesting people to turn off the ad blocker. In the pop-up, Company said that it is against the TOS of the website. Timing was also imposed on the pop-up so that people could read and turn on the ad. Although it came to Western countries and European countries earlier this year, then gradually it started showing timing pop-up to turn off ad-blocker in India. This went on for a few days, but YouTube then started aggressively warning people.

YouTube Ad Blocker Pop-Up- Geek Looper Report
YouTube Ad Blocker Pop-Up

If viewers do not turn off the ad-blocker within 3 days, they will not be able to enjoy watching videos on YouTube. Now YouTube has stopped showing videos completely and videos will not play until all ad blocker extensions or apps are turned off. It can also be said that this was one of the ways of YouTube to motivate people to take Premium subscription and try out its YouTube Premium. Which has extended to its entire audience or user base.

YouTube Not Working on Microsoft Edge & Firefox

According to Android Police, viewers will also not be able to watch the video on Microsoft Edge and Firefox browsers. But solutions will probably appear in the future. Some web browsers have hidden ad blockers or cache blockers built into their internal settings that block unwanted activities on websites. Which is also blocking YouTube’s ads, which is catching YouTube’s algorithm and making watching videos inefficient. But YouTube will fix it soon, because right now it is not able to cover the global level completely, and the company will come up with a solution soon. Which will run directly on web browsers and will be fixed with an update to the YouTube app.

If we talk about the audience, they seem unhappy with this behavior of the company. They have vented their anger on social sites like Reddit. If they do not turn off the ad blocker then they will have to pay a monthly fee to watch the videos without any interruption. They have to pay for a premium subscription which is making people quite unhappy. Promotes service in providing information to people. In that notice, the website states that “Ads allow YouTube to remain free for billions of users around the world.” But with Premium, viewers can go ad-free, and “creators can still get paid from subscriptions.”

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YT Price Hike

YouTube also increased its premium rate in July. Earlier company was offering a monthly subscription for $12 but now it has increased it by $2 to $14. But this monthly subscription allows users to access YouTube’s high quality 1080p high bit rate and also enables them to watch videos offline and listen to songs or podcasts in the background. But it’s still expensive for those who want an ad-free experience.

In some areas of Europe, YouTube is offering a slightly cheaper option called Premium Lite, in which the monthly rates will be slightly lower. Which will cost €7 ($7.42) in Europe. But this is not made available globally, which is a disservice to other users. It can be expected that in the future will bring this facility to other regions, but no official announcement has been made by the company. So, we can only hope for this.

Christopher Lawton, YouTube’s communications manager, said ad blockers are against their terms and conditions of service. They say that advertising helps them keep the servers running. Therefore, by stopping advertisements, they are robbing the income of their favorite creators. There are some sites that are working as ad blockers, such sites will not be able to do so for long. YouTube will block your advertising in any way, and you will have to watch ads even if you don’t want to.

Google’s Campaign to Stop Ads

Google’s campaign to stop this advertisement started in March 2022 when the company finally closed YouTube Vanced. By the end of this year, YouTube will be working on Un skippable commercials and skippable ads on TV making it harder. Training is currently going on, but this will also be implemented soon. YouTube seems to be continuously displeasing its loyal viewers.

Due to this step of YouTube, some people will take premium subscriptions and some people would like to watch it with advertisements. Viewers will be forced to watch with ads only, but if they use YouTube’s other services more, they can pay for them. For example, if you use YouTube Music a lot, you can take a premium subscription only for it. YouTube will unlock its service with Premium. They will not only be able to watch videos without advertisements but will also be able to watch videos at a high bit rate and download videos in high quality.

Ad-blockers are also quite intelligent, those who block ads from YouTube and other websites through extensions and apps will come up with some solution to this too. Ad blockers also offer premium services that provide high-quality ad blocking and tracking prevention. Now ad blockers may also improve their software and come up with a solution to YouTube’s ad blocker. But this can only be expected or imagined because Google is the most intelligent in technology and is impossible to beat. We can wait for future policies. But now you can enjoy YouTube Premium and use premium services

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