WhatsApp New Feature to Hide Locked Chats Is Coming Soon

WhatsApp has introduced its new feature Chat Lock Hide. Currently it is in beta but soon the stable version will be released to the public.

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Another new feature will come soon in the messaging app WhatsApp, which is being used worldwide. WhatsApp is a messaging app that is used all over the world. It has millions of consumers all over the world. Therefore, it is important to be aware of every new feature on WhatsApp and check it closely. It is important to ensure that WhatsApp is safe for the common people and that their personal information does not get leaked anywhere.

The option of locked chat in WhatsApp was launched earlier this year. Many efforts and steps have been taken to provide strong security to the users using chat apps. People have got a lot of relief from Locked Chat, which provides them the facility to lock group chats from their conversation list.

WhatsApp Beta Version

WhatsApp beta for Android v2.23.29.9 has been reported by WABetainfo. This feature is not available to everyone yet. But the company is soon making this facility available to everyone. Right now it has been rolled out for beta users. The users who are running on the beta channel are getting this update quickly but they also have the problem of slight lag.

For any new update, it is first released on the beta channel so that the flaws in it can be removed and the public update can be brought. The user does not have to face any problem. Enables users to enter a custom code on the search bar to display hidden chatting through Chat Lock.

WhatsApp Beta Chat Lock Setting


It can be seen in the photo that a new option has come to hide public chats. It was rolled out in chat lock settings. It is shown that in the chat lock setting of WhatsApp, a new option of Hide Locked Chats has been given, which when activated, the chat will be hidden. Hidden chats can also be brought back from here. The user will have to come back to this setting and disable this option, and then the user’s private will start displaying.

Earlier this setting used to lock only chats. In which the chat gets locked and gets hidden along with the archive at the top of the home screen of WhatsApp. But if the archive is viewed, the locked chat is also displayed along with it. Now this locked chat will be completely hidden. Now if anyone looks at your WhatsApp chat, he will not be able to tell that this chat has been hidden and is also locked.

WhatsApp Beta Bug


As mentioned above, beta programs are not always perfect. These also have flaws. In the update of v2.23.22.9 it has been revealed that the emoji panel is empty. It can be assumed that there will be emoji problems in the beta update. But WhatsApp will fix it soon. But still, this will not be a pleasant experience, especially for those people who have to talk a lot on WhatsApp. Because without emoji any conversation or chatting remains incomplete. Many times, people respond to messages by sending only emojis.

Where to Download WhatsApp Beta

This update of WhatsApp Beta came a few hours after the arrival of v2.23.22.9. You can wait for this beta version to be rolled out in which you will get it on the Play Store. In this you do not need any third party app. You can easily download and use it on the Play Store. Also, you can download it from APKMirror. You will have to do this manually.

It is clear from the new update of WhatsApp Beta that now it will help keep the privacy of the user even more confidential. WhatsApp is taking the right steps for its users. It is great for people who have sensitive conversations with their loved ones, businessman, or others. And especially today’s young generation who will get help in hiding the messages of their girlfriend. This new feature of WhatsApp is very good and helpful.

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