Shah Rukh Khan has been admitted to a hospital in Ahmedabad. 

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While attempting the IPL in Ahmedabad on Wednesday afternoon, May 21, when KKR won the match against SHR, Shah Rukh Khan got a heatstroke. After the big win in the IPL, SRK celebrated by taking a victory. He also struck his signature arms-outstretched pose for thousands of fans at the stadium, hugged his team players, and planted kisses on their cheeks. The fans were apprehensive about him. After that, he was admitted to KD Hospital. The hospital confirmed his admission to News18 but refrained from disclosing the reason for his hospitalization. 

How Shah Rukh Khan got heatstroke?

Heat stroke is the most serious heat-related illness. It occurs when the body can no longer control its temperature: its temperature rises rapidly, the sweating mechanism fails, and the body cannot cool down. The temperature in Gujarat on 21 May was 43°, and he was not taking enough water, so he got a heatstroke. As Shah Rukh Khan recuperates, fans eagerly await his return to the stands, cheering for KKR. And he will be there to watch the final match of KKR. Let’s hope he continues to recover swiftly and graces us with his presence soon! Get well soon, King SRK.

Did he get discharged or not?

The reports say this happened because he consumed less water at this temperature, and because of dehydration, he got a heatstroke. After that, he was discharged. However, there’s no official update on his health status.

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