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Pune Porsche crash: police are trying to dig inside their officials.

The latest Pune Porsche crash that occurred on May 19th, 2024, at Wee hours at…

By Nabaderp

Punjab Police and BSF recover Arms and Drugs in Tarn Taran

Punjab Police and BSF recovered arms and drugs in Tarn Taran. In a joint operation…

By Nabaderp

Pune car accident update: Father of Vedant Agarwal arrested; 48000 rupees were spent on food and drinks

Pune car accident - Vedant Agarwal update: In the Pune car accident horror case, where…

By Nabaderp

Pune car accident case: Minor gets bail within 15 hours.

17-year-old Vedant Agarwal, who killed two people, is out on bail within 15 hours of…

By Nabaderp

Car accident killed two people as a minor was driving a luxury car.

Two people were killed in a car accident in Pune. The police said the juvenile…

By Nabaderp

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