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Singapore turbulence incident: 1 died and atleast 71 injured


Singapore Airlines flight from London: A Singapore turbulence incident occurred on Monday when a flight departing from London towards Singapore encountered severe turbulence about 90 minutes before reaching its destination. The Boeing 777-300ER plane was forced to divert to Bangkok, Thailand. The flight had taken 10 hours of its journey and was midway through meal service when it hit turbulence over the Irrawaddy Basin of Myanmar.

Unfortunately, one passenger, aged 73, of British origin, lost his life during the turbulence. The passenger, Geoff Kitchen, suffered a heart attack when the Singapore-London flight encountered sudden, severe turbulence.

Coffee split on Singapore turbulence incident

One passenger named Andrew Davies, who was a passenger on onboard flight SQ321, was traveling to New Zealand for some business work and told CNN that he felt like a “perfectly normal” flight when the seatbelt sign came, and only after a few seconds, “all hell broke loose.”

The passenger Andrew Davies suffered in the Singapore turbulence and said, “The plane just felt like it dropped. It probably only lasted a few seconds, but I remember vividly seeing shoes, iPads, iPhones, cushions, blankets, cutlery, plates, and cups flying through the air and crashing to the ceiling. The gentleman beside me had a cup of coffee, which went straight over me and up to the ceiling.”

The authority initiated an emergency plan to assist the affected passengers.

Verdict on Singapore turbulence incident

Turbulence-related fatalities on commercial airplanes are very rare, and hopefully, we won’t see that happening in the future.

What causes turbulence on Singapore Airlines?

The turbulence caused by Singapore Airlines led to a Singapore turbulence incident due to wind shear. Wind shear happens when two large air masses close to each other move at different speeds. A video on the cause of the Singapore turbulence incident is mentioned below, which was covered by TalkTv.

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