Pune Porsche crash

Pune Porsche crash: police are trying to dig inside their officials.


The latest Pune Porsche crash that occurred on May 19th, 2024, at Wee hours at Kalyani Nagar junction, Pune, where a minor was reportedly driving a luxurious car at 200 KMph, has raised a critical alarm across the nation as two people lost their lives while returning home from a restaurant.

The locals and the netizens raised questions when the minor was caught having pizza inside the restaurant and getting VIP treatment. The police also wanted to do a blood test on the eyewitnesses instead of the intoxicated minor driver.

Amount spent on liquor

After many controversies, the Pune police have decided to probe their officials. It is also reported that a sum of 69,000 rupees was spent on liquor by the minor before the Pune Porsche crash. The father of the minor, Vishal Agarwal, was sent to 2-day police custody on May 21st. The owners of the bar “Cosie” and “Blak Club,” where they spent ₹48,000 and ₹21,000, respectively, were sentenced to jail for serving alcohol to minors. Alongside the owners, the managers of both bars were sentenced to jail.

It is reported that Blak Club is an invite-one bar, and one user wrote on Google Maps ,“They say it’s exclusive and members only and invite only but don’t even respond to the application. It’s over rated and hyped, not sure how the underage kids are even admitted there.”

Who is the Pune Porsche owner?

The Porsche’s owner is Vishal Agarwal, the father of the juvenile Vedant Agarwal, who was involved in the Pune Porsche crash.

Pune Porsche Crash
Pune Porsche Crash

Author’s view on Pune Porsche crash

The author feels like it was an unnecessary thing to do when two people lost their lives, and yet the javelin was getting the VIP treatment. The author supports the Pune Police in probing their officials.

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