Car Accident by Vedant Agarwal, Father arrested

Pune car accident update: Father of Vedant Agarwal arrested; 48000 rupees were spent on food and drinks


Pune car accidentVedant Agarwal update: In the Pune car accident horror case, where two youths lost their lives, the opposition has created outrage as a 17-year-old was driving under the influence of alcohol and crashed a luxurious Porche car into a motorbike.

The youth’s father, Vishal Agarwal, is a well-known builder from Bramha Realty, and according to sources, rupees 48000 were spent on food and beverages for the youth on the night of the accident. According to Paras Soni, the cousin of the deceased Anis Awadhiya, the culprit was seen eating pizza inside the station.

The father of the youth, Vishal Agarwal, is now arrested after it was reported that Vishal Agarwal went into hiding after a case was registered against him.

The opposition has demanded strict action against the accused, and the officials have responded that they will consider the culprit an adult, as he has three months left until 18.

Police have also arrested the owner of the restaurant, who served the youth liquor even when he was underage. The youth was 17 years old, and according to the law, a person must be 25 or older to consume liquor in the state of Maharashra.

Summary on Vedant Agarwal Pune car accident : Father arrested, restaurant owner arrested, 48000 were spent on food and drinks

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