Pune Porsche Crash

Pune car accident case: Minor gets bail within 15 hours.


17-year-old Vedant Agarwal, who killed two people, is out on bail within 15 hours of the Pune car accident. The accused belongs to a wealthy family whose father is a well-known builder from Bramha Realty.

The minor is asked to write a 300-word essay on “The Effect of Road Accidents and Their Solutions.” According to the sources, Vedant Agarwal was intoxicated at the time of the collision and was speeding at 200 kmph. The car is said to have been running without a registration plate.

Two youths named Anis Awadhiya and Ashwini Costa were killed in the accident. Paras Soni, the cousin of Anis Awadhiya, said that he rushed to the police station when he received the call in the early hours, only to find that the arrested youth was receiving VIP treatment inside the station, where he saw the arrested youth being served pizza. According to Paras Soni, a local MLA was involved in the case.

Another relative said that the police wanted to do a blood test on the eyewitnesses instead of the intoxicated minor driver. The minor also admitted that his father was aware of his intoxication and that he was driving without holding a driver’s license. Still, when the blood test report for the minor came out, the report didn’t indicate alcohol consumption.

A senior police officer informed Punekar News, “We have received the blood test report, which doesn’t indicate any liquor consumption yet. We will take some additional samples and wait until the final results arrive.”

The youth involved in the Pune car accident reportedly drove a Porsche car.

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